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Zuzana Camm

Zuzana Camm – Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

MA, Mgr. Ed Zuzana is a highly qualified psychotherapist, counsellor and therapeutic play coach. She specialises in working with children with developmental differences such as autism, trauma or early attachment difficulties. Using the latest thinking in the field of psychotherapy, Zuzana follows a way of working that brings psychotherapy to the child in their natural […]

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Child tantrum

Tears, trials and tantrums: a special workshop for parents

Ever feel like you are often in conflict with your child? It’s true, children’s brains work differently to adults. Children’s therapist Katie Trusty is running a special workshop to help parents understand early behaviour and improve communication skills. Katie used to be part of the Children’s Therapies team and talked to us about the workshop. […]

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Children's Therapies Logo

Our Tooting children’s therapy clinic is open

2017 is set to be an exciting year, as we are delighted to be opening a Children’s Therapies clinic in Tooting, South West London. Our owner Marianne Brown discusses the benefits the new room will bring to all our clients. “In the immediate future, we’ll be offering speech and language therapy and psychology services, which […]

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Genevieve Stanton - Speech & Language Therapist

Autism and the Hanen approach: upskilling parents to help children

Last month, the BBC highlighted the results of a study, which showed how upskilling parents can help improve their child’s autism. Genevieve Stanton, our speech and language therapist tells us her thoughts on it, and the special approach she uses to help parents support children with autism. “Teaching parents clear tools and techniques can have […]

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Child tantrum

Tackling toddler tantrums: 6 tips to make a big difference

Every parent knows tantrums can be really hard to deal with. Lorna Davis, our Speech and Language Therapist (and mum of a 2 year-old tantrum professional) tells us how language development can play into tantrums, and her top tantrum tactics. “Toddlers have only just started learning language. A two year-old usually only has around 50-100 words – that’s not […]

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Messy play paint

Messy play: ideas to shake up playtime and help your child’s development

With the warmer weather on its way, now is a great time to get stuck into some messy play in the garden. It’s great fun to do and helps your child’s development in so many different ways at the same time. For starters, it’s fantastic for creative and sensory development, as you can encourage your […]

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Easter is here: 5 ways to spend quality time with the kids

Easter is here: 5 ways to spend quality time with the kids Easter holidays are nearly here and it’s a great excuse to spend some quality time with the kids and have some special family fun. Here’s our top five picks for local Easter events in South West London. 1.Easter fun at Battersea Park Zoo There’s […]

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Daniela Diciano

5 autism myths debunked

According to The National Autistic Society, more than 1 in 100 people in the UK have autism. But there’s still so many myths out there around children living with autism, and what it means for them and their families. We caught up with psychologist Daniela Diciano to debunk the most common myths about autism. “If your child has […]

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Art by Marielle Albers

Artwork by Marielle Albers

Artwork by Marielle Albers The lovely paintings featured on several pages of our website are by local artist Marielle Albers. Originally from Holland, Marielle has taken various courses at Central St. Martin’s College of Arts as well as Putney School of Arts in London, and her work has been exhibited in various places in London. […]

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Starting School

Adjusting to school life: 7 tips for life after the first day

You did your homework, got everything prepared, and you both survived the first day of school. But what now? Our Art Therapist Anna Storch shares her tips, and the number one issue she helps children deal with. “Now your child has started school, your new routine will need a lot of energy. They will probably […]

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