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Starting School

Adjusting to school life: 7 tips for life after the first day

You did your homework, got everything prepared, and you both survived the first day of school. But what now? Our Art Therapist Anna Storch shares her tips, and the number one issue she helps children deal with. “Now your child has started school, your new routine will need a lot of energy. They will probably […]

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Amy Wood-Mitchell

How To Support Your Child During Exams

How To Support Your Child During Exams With SATS and GCSEs looming, many parents worry about how they can best support their child through what can be a difficult and stressful time.  Child psychologist Amy Wood-Mitchell has helped us put together some guidance on what you can do and signs to be aware of. Understand […]

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Anthony Scrafton Family Therapist

How To Manage Family Stress At Christmas

How To Manage Family Stress at Christmas The festive period comes loaded with expectations of the perfect family Christmas – presents under the tree, children  smiling at the table, relatives clinking glasses and exclaiming over the delicious lovingly prepared food.  Anthony Scrafton is a Family Therapist at Children’s Therapies, and says the expectations of both […]

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