All the testimonials featured on the website are used with the express permission of our clients,  but some names have been changed by request.

I’d like to thank you India for all your work done with him so far and your advice. He is much better, calmer and emotionally stronger.
– Parent of a psychology client 

Thank you SO much for all your magic – I know that [my son] has worked on this himself but we couldn’t have done it without you – so huge thanks. He is a joy to be with now and long may it continue!
– Parent of a 9 year old with with anger problems 

Just returned from a wonderful session with Gen in Putney. My son just loved it and felt very relaxed and valued in her session. He took to her very quickly which was just what I was looking for. A very impressed mum.
– Mother of a speech therapy client

From our first conversation on the phone I felt Dr Whitehouse had the capability to ask the right questions and made me feel at ease. During our first meeting I was also very impressed with how she handled our son who is very selective with people… we now have a much happier child…since visiting Dr Whitehouse my son’s behaviour has improved noticeably and I am very grateful for her work. I would happily recommend her services to others.
– Parent of a psychology client

You have changed my life!
– An 11 year old psychology client

The therapy we received addressed my daughter’s speech difficulties completely. She very much enjoyed her sessions and the result was that other people could understand her, which she was delighted with. Thank you!
– Elinor, mother of Cate, a speech therapy client

I was very satisfied with the overall service we received. My husband and I were happy with Sophie’s report, assessment of Sebastian and recommendation not to proceed with the therapy at the current time as our son was too young. It was reassuring to know that some of the difficulties he has are age-related and that he may grow out of them in time. It was also interesting to understand how, through various games, I could assist and help Sebastian with his speech. I will be contacting Sophie again once we have seen how Sebastian progresses.
– Victoria, mother of Sebastian, a speech therapy client

Speech therapy has helped immensely. By working with Sophie for an hour, both my daughters were able to see what needed fixing in their speech. The consultation was run in a very child-friendly way, the girls had a fun hour and came out giggling. Sophie grasped my concerns over the phone and really nailed the issues we had at the session. The whole experience has been completely professional and very effective. I would recommend Sophie to anyone.
– Mother of speech therapy clients

It was difficult for us to accept that we needed to come together and consider how we might manage ourselves around the co-parenting of our children given that we had gone through a difficult time separating. It was fair to say we were still angry with each other and had some unresolved issues. Having therapy allowed us to consider how we would manage the co-parenting styles and created a forum for us to consider what it might be like from the other person’s point of view. It is clear to us that we have been able to find a way to come together for the sake of our children and without a doubt they have really benefited from this
– Fiona and Mark, couples therapy clients focusing on co-parenting styles

The speech therapy worked very effectively. Sophie Latanowski is a fabulous therapist; caring, warm, and very professional. Most importantly, my daughter loved seeing her!
– Charlotte, mother of Chloe, a speech therapy client

Sophie was really good. She identified the problem with Lucy and explained the severity of her lisp to me. She recommended a couple of sessions and we have already seen a huge improvement in Lucy’s speech. The exercises that she has recommended have been extremely worthwhile. Overall the service was extremely good and I have recommended Sophie to several friends.
– Mother of speech therapy client

William began therapy with a stammer that had appeared very quickly and severely. He was very worried and sad and I was also panicked. Between Emma and Sophie, William and I have learnt tools to help him and he is now all but free of his stammer. Even when he does stammer, he now does so without fear and worry. We would recommend your services to anyone. A very big thank you from William and me!
– Emily, mother of William, a speech therapy client

Therapy has helped Alex to focus on the different speech sounds and to focus his listening. His speech has improved hugely and when he makes a mistake he can correct it after listening to the correct sounds. Lisa has been terrific – she has absolutely worked to Alex’s concentration levels and skills. She engaged well with Alex and has really helped improve his speaking.
– Charlotte, mother of Alex, a speech therapy client

William’s therapy has boosted his confidence. He is now self-correcting his speech patterns. His teachers have commented that they feel that the improvements in his speech have aided the development and improvements in his reading and spelling at school.  The service that we received was first-class. William felt comfortable from his first session, which meant that he was able to progress quickly. The feedback and strategies that we received were very helpful as were the initial resources. We will be able to use these resources in the future to reinforce the great work that William has done so far. Thank you.
– Mother of William,  a speech therapy client

Thank you very much for allowing me to sit in on Caitlin’s speech therapy session yesterday. It was very interesting, and I am impressed by her progress. I think you are doing a great job.
– Mother of Caitlin, a speech therapy client 

This morning Josh was somehow more mature and self-confident, getting up early and packing his bag for a sleepover tonight instead of letting me do everything. It was really nice to see and I am so pleased you have started working with him.
– Mother of a play therapy client

Katie is what every therapist should be like and this has been reflected in the incredible engagement of the children and their fantastic progress in managing their anxieties and emotional difficulties. It would be hard to find anyone more thoughtful, insightful, compassionate and caring.
– Alina Page, Head Teacher at Nightingale and Elsley

Just want to say thanks for all your help…..I can honestly say I have never met a nicer and more helpful speech therapist.
– Lorraine Forbes, Speech & Language Teaching Assistant