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Marianne Brown Director of Children’s Therapies London


I’m Marianne Brown, a speech therapist and the owner of Children’s Therapies. When I took over the practice in 2009 it was only offering speech and language therapy.  It soon became clear that there was a demand for other therapy services to meet the needs of children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, and the practice expanded to offer child psychology and play therapy.

In addition to these, we now offer art therapy and occupational therapy, making us a truly holistic practice offering a full range of assessment, diagnostic, and intervention services to children, families and schools in South West London.  We can often cross-refer within our team of experts and many of our children benefit from using more than one of our services.


The aim of Children’s Therapies is to provide a friendly and enjoyable environment for children, with a focus on best practice in therapy.  Training and professional development is a key strength of the team, and all the staff at Children’s Therapies share a love for what they do and a desire to maximise every child’s progress.

Children playing by a stream

Therapists provide full support to children with additional needs and their families, and the team enjoys working closely together with more complex cases when multiple services are needed. They are experienced in supporting and involving parents and teaching staff in order to ensure therapy has the best chance of success across all areas of a child’s life.


Private health services can seem daunting, but we are an ethical practice that supplements the NHS services for local children in schools and clinics.  We do not have an ‘us and them attitude’ to our NHS colleagues or other services. Our team works jointly with the child’s NHS therapists whenever possible, and focuses on joint goals to maximise progress.


" This morning Josh was somehow more mature and self-confident, getting up early and packing his bag for a sleepover tonight instead of letting me do everything. It was really nice to see and I am so pleased you have started working with him. "
– Mother of a play therapy client


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