Artwork by Marielle Albers

The lovely paintings featured on several pages of our website are by local artist Marielle Albers.

Originally from Holland, Marielle has taken various courses at Central St. Martin’s College of Arts as well as Putney School of Arts in London, and her work has been exhibited in various places in London.

Artwork by Mirielle Albers

The series of images displayed on this site has been inspired by children at play and trying to portray some of their joy and energy on the canvas. Through video stills Marielle chooses the movements that best capture their playfulness and exhilaration. Using both paint brushes and palette knives helps her to convey some of the immediacy and speed of the children whilst playing on swings, trampolines and the beach. She works mainly in oils, both on canvas and board.

Marielle is interested in children’s stories, fairy and folk tales and tries to capture some of the magical and mysterious atmosphere of these in her painting. She is also interested in the power of expressing emotions through art and uses this in her job as an Art Psychotherapist. She has worked with children and adults, facilitating clients using expression through art, movement or play, where words may not always be enough.

We are delighted to feature Marielle’s work on our website, and we also have some of her paintings on display in our clinic room in Putney. The pictures on show are all about children being children: playing, running, jumping and enjoying life.

If you want to find out about Marielle's paintings or her work, please visit her website

Lizz Summers

Voice & Presentation Skills Coach