Benefits of family yoga

Although I’m new to Children’s Therapies, I have been running Family Yoga sessions for a while now, and I’m always amazed to see the benefits of family yoga and how the family dynamic grows and develops through the sessions. 

Yoga mat

In our modern age of Internet, TV and video games, and rushing our children from one after-school activity to the next, it’s hard for parents to find space in their schedules for downtime together as a family, but the those I work with have told me that even a one-hour yoga session each week is improving their family life at home.

Here are some of the benefits family yoga can bring:

  •  Improved communication between family members, as they let go of their stresses and strains and become more aware of each others’ needs

  • A strengthening of family bonds as the family follows the poses together in class and goes home feeling more ‘open’ and attentive to each other.

  • Improved behaviour in the children (and sometimes the adults!), due to the calming effects of relaxation and visualisation.  Bedtimes often go much more smoothly after a yoga class too.

  • Many parents report feeling that they appreciate the time they spend with their children more, learning to let go of the annoyances and irritations and focusing on the people inside.

  • Having fun!  Family yoga is not about achieving the perfect pose but about being and learning together.

Lizz Summers

Voice & Presentation Skills Coach