Parents share tips on supporting children with language difficulties

Parents share tips on supporting children with language difficulties, with some good ideas for helping your child if they have difficulties understanding you.From the RALLI (Raising Awareness of Language Learning Impairments) campaign.

Visit to find information on Specific Language Impairment (SLI) from students, parents, professionals and researchers.

SLI is a condition that is as common as dyslexia and more common than autism. It often co-exists with other developmental disorders. Language difficulties can have a significant impact on a child’s life but frequently go undetected. RALLI is calling for this to change and asking people to view, subscribe and share the link.

RALLI was formed to tackle the need for greater awareness of Specific Language Impairment. The YouTube channel went live in May to an overwhelming response, with these freely available films already being used in school INSETs around the globe.

To keep informed about new films please subscribe to the channel at and adjust your settings to receive an alert when a new film is posted or follow RALLI on Twitter @RALLIcam. If you have any questions about them or the campaign please send them to:

Lizz Summers

Voice & Presentation Skills Coach