Discounted DIR Floortime Therapy Sessions

For children with autism and other developmental delays, the world can be confusing. Trying to communicate with these children can be a struggle, as they often seem to be locked inside their own impenetrable worlds. The DIR-Floortime model offers a way to engage with these children in order to bring them into a shared world, to develop their social, emotional and intellectual capacities.

Nutrition plans for children with ASD

The connection between the symptoms of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and nutrition are increasingly well established.  We can see great improvements in behaviour, concentration, focus and digestive complaints by improving the diet and using the right supplements.  Any parent considering using nutrition to support their child with ASD should be prepared that it is a long-term therapy that requires diagnostic testing followed by daily supplements in order to get the best results for improving everyday life.

Computers and autism

Interesting article in the Guardian today about the relationship between computers and autism...

"In 2001, the technology magazine Wired coined the phrase "geek syndrome" to describe the threefold increase in autism diagnoses in California's Silicon Valley over the space of a decade.

The rumour that Bill Gates himself, founder of Microsoft and figurehead of the world IT industry, displays the traits of Asperger's syndrome, the high-functioning form of autism, spread like wildfire, across – appropriately – the internet.