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Five Tips for Managing Sibling Rivalry

Some rivalry between siblings is normal and healthy, as each child competes to define who they are as an individual. All children need to discover who they are, and as they go through this process of finding out what their talents, activities and passions are, they want to show that they are separate from their siblings.

Sibling rivalry can also occur when children feel they are being treated unequally in the way you provide affection and discipline. Sometimes sibling rivalry can become a problem, and be very wearing for parents!  The good news is that there are ways of managing it.

Helping children to express their angry feelings

Children communicate through play. They are not capable of talking about their feeling like adults. They work things out by playing.

According to the Association for Play Therapy “Play Therapy is more then working out feelings. It can provide a corrective emotional experience needed for healing, promote cognitive development and provide insight. The child can get help in resolving inner conflicts or dysfunctional thinking”

As a play therapist I see children who struggle to express their negative feelings, for example, anger. When a child has a lot of anger and has difficulties with expressing it, it is possible there is something wrong in their inner world.

Help Your Child With Anger Management

Anger Management and Problem Solving

Help your child with anger management - learning how to manage powerful feelings helps children to develop problem-solving ability in the frontal lobes of the brain.

As adults, it’s easier for us to manage emotions. If we’ve had healthy attachments and therefore developed rational, problem-solving frontal parts of our brains, we can work out solutions.  Children have not fully developed this ability yet.  Often when an event happens that triggers anger, low mood or anxiety, it can feel terrifying and overwhelming.

Helping kids to mange their feelings leads to healthy development into clear thinking, problem solving, emotionally mature adults.