Tears, trials and tantrums: a special workshop for parents

Ever feel like you are often in conflict with your child? It’s true, children’s brains work differently to adults. Children’s therapist Katie Trusty is running a special workshop to help parents understand early behaviour and improve communication skills. Katie used to be part of the Children’s Therapies team and talked to us about the workshop.

5 autism myths debunked

According to The National Autistic Society, more than 1 in 100 people in the UK have autism. But there’s still so many myths out there around children living with autism, and what it means for them and their families. We caught up with psychologist Daniela Diciano to debunk the most common myths about autism.

Adjusting to school life: 7 tips for life after the first day

You did your homework, got everything prepared, and you both survived the first day of school. But what now? Our Art Therapist Anna Storch shares her tips, and the number one issue she helps children deal with.

Spotting the Early Signs of Autism

Diagnosing autism is complex, but there are a few common signs that can help if you’re worried your child might have autism. Children’s psychologist Daniela Di Ciano tells us more.

“I know a lot of parents can be worried about their child having autism. There’s so much pressure nowadays to make sure your child is hitting all their developmental milestones at the ‘right’ age, and it can be a real concern if your child isn’t following the textbook.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Family Holiday

Child psychologist Karen Hathaway contributes her ideas to this post on how to get the most out of your family holiday...

It’s easy for parents to put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to family holidays – after all, it’s something we save up for and look forward to all year, and it’s easy to see those precious one or two weeks as the antidote to everything that is less than perfect in our lives.

Five Tips for Managing Sibling Rivalry

Some rivalry between siblings is normal and healthy, as each child competes to define who they are as an individual. All children need to discover who they are, and as they go through this process of finding out what their talents, activities and passions are, they want to show that they are separate from their siblings.

Sibling rivalry can also occur when children feel they are being treated unequally in the way you provide affection and discipline. Sometimes sibling rivalry can become a problem, and be very wearing for parents!  The good news is that there are ways of managing it.

Therapy and Training Services for Schools

We’re very excited to release our new brochure listing our therapy and training services for schools. Children’s Therapies has worked with local independent and state schools since 2005, and our therapists have developed excellent relationships with both the staff and the children we help.

Helping children to express their angry feelings

Children communicate through play. They are not capable of talking about their feeling like adults. They work things out by playing.

According to the Association for Play Therapy “Play Therapy is more then working out feelings. It can provide a corrective emotional experience needed for healing, promote cognitive development and provide insight. The child can get help in resolving inner conflicts or dysfunctional thinking”

As a play therapist I see children who struggle to express their negative feelings, for example, anger. When a child has a lot of anger and has difficulties with expressing it, it is possible there is something wrong in their inner world.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Your Child Overcome Fears

Using hypnotherapy for children is an effective, efficient and fun way to help your child with whatever it is they need to achieve.  The most common issues I deal with are:

  • Confidence

  • Worry

  • Sleep issues

  • Separation anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Helping learn how to handle certain situations better eg bullying or anger issues