How To Get The Most Out Of Your Family Holiday

Child psychologist Karen Hathaway contributes her ideas to this post on how to get the most out of your family holiday...

It’s easy for parents to put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to family holidays – after all, it’s something we save up for and look forward to all year, and it’s easy to see those precious one or two weeks as the antidote to everything that is less than perfect in our lives.

Stress-Free Meal Times - Ten Top Tips from Elaine Halligan at The Parent Practice.

Parents often find it extremely hard to create stress-free meal times and stay calm when faced with fussy-eaters, children ‘yo-yo-ing’ up and down from the table, children getting distracted and eating very slowly, and whining complaints about the food they have lovingly prepared.  To parents, food and feeding their children represents a show of love, nurturing and commitment.  They often have food-related concerns about their children’s weight and about their health.  These concerns and frustrations can turn mealtimes into stressful and unpleasant events for all concerned.