Autism and the Hanen approach: up-skilling parents to help children

Last month, the BBC highlighted the results of a study, which showed how upskilling parents can help improve their child’s autism. Genevieve Stanton, our speech and language therapist tells us her thoughts on it, and the special approach she uses to help parents support children with autism.

“Teaching parents clear tools and techniques can have a big impact on their child’s autism. I use a programme created by the Hanen Centre, called More Than Words. It’s designed specifically for children with autism, so it really caters for their particular needs.

Tackling toddler tantrums: 6 tips to make a big difference

Every parent knows tantrums can be really hard to deal with. Lorna Davis, our Speech and Language Therapist (and mum of a 2 year-old tantrum professional) tells us how language development can play into tantrums, and her top tantrum tactics.

“Toddlers have only just started learning language. A two year-old usually only has around 50-100 words - that’s not a lot to express all the complex range of emotions they feel. No matter how well you know your child, it’s easy to misunderstand what they are trying to say sometimes.

“For a toddler this can be really frustrating, and is a common trigger for tantrums. If your toddler has a speech delay or disorder, this might be even more marked. But for all children, regardless of their speech development, a few key things can make a big difference.

Adjusting to school life: 7 tips for life after the first day

You did your homework, got everything prepared, and you both survived the first day of school. But what now? Our Art Therapist Anna Storch shares her tips, and the number one issue she helps children deal with.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Family Holiday

Child psychologist Karen Hathaway contributes her ideas to this post on how to get the most out of your family holiday...

It’s easy for parents to put a lot of pressure on themselves when it comes to family holidays – after all, it’s something we save up for and look forward to all year, and it’s easy to see those precious one or two weeks as the antidote to everything that is less than perfect in our lives.

Help Your Child With Anger Management

Anger Management and Problem Solving

Help your child with anger management - learning how to manage powerful feelings helps children to develop problem-solving ability in the frontal lobes of the brain.

As adults, it’s easier for us to manage emotions. If we’ve had healthy attachments and therefore developed rational, problem-solving frontal parts of our brains, we can work out solutions.  Children have not fully developed this ability yet.  Often when an event happens that triggers anger, low mood or anxiety, it can feel terrifying and overwhelming.

Helping kids to mange their feelings leads to healthy development into clear thinking, problem solving, emotionally mature adults.

Stress-Free Meal Times - Ten Top Tips from Elaine Halligan at The Parent Practice.

Parents often find it extremely hard to create stress-free meal times and stay calm when faced with fussy-eaters, children ‘yo-yo-ing’ up and down from the table, children getting distracted and eating very slowly, and whining complaints about the food they have lovingly prepared.  To parents, food and feeding their children represents a show of love, nurturing and commitment.  They often have food-related concerns about their children’s weight and about their health.  These concerns and frustrations can turn mealtimes into stressful and unpleasant events for all concerned.