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Toddler Talking groups: Helping your toddler to talk

Our new Toddler Talking groups are proving popular with local parents looking for help to encourage their toddler to talk. Groups run twice a week at our Tooting clinic and your first session is completely free. Contact Lizzie at lizzie@childrenstherapies.co.uk to find out more.

Learn a new language this summer… Makaton signing

This summer, we’re challenging parents to learn Makaton signing and help raise awareness of this important way to help children who have difficulty communicating. We asked our Speech and Language Therapist and Makaton Tutor, Kate Stradling, what makes it unique, and the top five signs to learn today…

Spotting the Early Signs of Autism

Diagnosing autism is complex, but there are a few common signs that can help if you’re worried your child might have autism. Children’s psychologist Daniela Di Ciano tells us more.

“I know a lot of parents can be worried about their child having autism. There’s so much pressure nowadays to make sure your child is hitting all their developmental milestones at the ‘right’ age, and it can be a real concern if your child isn’t following the textbook.

Encouraging Correct Speech Sounds

Normal Developmental Errors

If your child struggles with certain speech sounds, it may reassure you to know that most children do not develop their entire speech repertoire until they are approximately seven years old. All of them will pass through what speech and language therapists call developmental ‘errors’ at various stages, for example saying ‘wed’ instead of ‘red’ and ‘tat’ instead of ‘cat.’ Many parents are unsure whether these errors are part of normal speech development, and when there is cause for concern. If you’re worried, check out our When to Refer Guide, showing the common difficulties for each age group that might indicate a problem. Some children present with speech sound difficulties that are not part of typical development, and speech therapy is normally necessary to resolve these.

How to ditch the dummy! Dummies and their impact on speech development

Many parents give their babies and young children dummies to help them get to sleep and to comfort them.   Babies have a strong sucking reflex and some research has shown that the use of dummies can help very young babies establish good sucking patterns. However, there are concerns about the long-term use of dummies, particularly on children’s speech and language development.

Speech and Language Development - When to Seek Help

The following post is taken from an article for Families South West Magazine's November 2012 issue, written by Marianne Brown...

Speech and Language Development – when to seek help

As a parent it’s often difficult to know when a child’s development falls within the ‘normal’ range and when there is cause for concern.  Just like learning to walk or to use a potty, children develop the ability to communicate at different speeds, and some children will encounter difficulties along the way.

What is the impact of TV on your child's development?

Watching TV seems like a pretty harmless activity, and for older children who watch small amounts this might be the case.  But what is the impact of TV on your child's development?  Did you know that watching TV could actually be harmful for babies and toddlers and delay their communication development?