DIR-Floortime therapy: Refurbishing the relationship with your child through play

In our latest blog, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist Zuzana Camm, tells us about DIR-Floortime therapy, and how it’s become her life mission to help parents who are finding it hard to connect with their child.

To make an appointment with Zuzana or speak to her about your concerns, please call us on 0208 6737930.

Educational Psychology

In our new blog, our new Educational Psychologist, Carmel, gives us more information about when to involve an educational psychologist in your child’s education and what is involved in the process…

Apps - the future for speech and language therapy?

One of the biggest challenges for speech and language therapists is keeping children motivated and engaged with their learning activities during therapy. Traditional table-top activities involving pictures, cards and games keep children interested for a limited time but we are always seeking more creative resources. I recently introduced iPhone apps to my therapy sessions for some of the listening activities.  The children responded so well to apps as a therapy medium that I decided to invest in an iPad, which has the advantage of a bigger screen.