Toddler Talking groups: Helping your toddler to talk

Our new Toddler Talking groups are proving popular with local parents looking for help to encourage their toddler to talk. Our Team Leader Lizzie Reid, who set up these groups, tells us how they can help children and why they are a great place for parents to get support and ideas. 

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What made you want to set up these groups?

“I have a lot of referrals from parents of children who are late talkers, or who need some extra support with their communication skills. I wanted to create a way to help them target a range of speech, language and communication needs in a fun and relaxed environment.”

What’s a typical session like?

“All sessions are led by one of our specialist Speech & Language Therapists. Every week we’ll have a different theme (for example animals or transport), and all the activities in the session are related to this theme. We do a mixture of sit down group activities, movement activities, and sensory activities.”

What do you think is the biggest benefit for children who come to the groups?

“The biggest benefit for children is that it gives them the confidence to join in in small groups and participate in different activities. All the activities are specifically designed to target different areas of communication.”

What’s the most common concern you see in parents?

“A lot of parents worry that their child will find it hard to make friends, or that they will find school challenging. These groups are an excellent foundation to build upon children’s current communication skills, and also give parents ideas and support.”

What do you like most about running the groups?

“I love running these groups because children really enjoy the activities, and parents can also observe what I am doing in the group and then use these techniques with their child during the week. They groups are a also great way to meet local parents, and speak to others who have the same concerns.”


Groups run twice a week at our Tooting clinic and your first session is completely free. Contact Lizzie at to find out more or find out more about our Toddler Talking groups.

Lizz Summers

Voice & Presentation Skills Coach