Fees and payment


Fees for Speech and Language Therapy

Initial assessment:

1) For speech sounds and phonology (60 minutes) including case history, 1st hour of assessment and written report: £200

2) For a comprehensive speech and language assessment including a written report: £280

NB: In some cases a further session is required for more complex assessment, this is chargeable at our usual therapy rate and will always be discussed with parents at the initial consultation.

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Therapy and follow up:

Therapy Sessions or Follow-up Assessment in Clinic
30 minutes: £50
45 minutes: £70
60 minutes: £85


Therapy Sessions at Client’s Home
60 minute minimum session for home visits: £95 per hour


Therapy Sessions at School
30 minutes: £55
45 minutes: £75
60 minutes: £90

We also offer Saturday appointments for Speech & Language Therapy, please note that Saturday appointments are charged at an additional 10% to the fees listed above.

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Creation of home therapy programme:
£80 per hour.  This can be a cost-effective option where the therapist writes a tailor-made programme for parent and child to practice at home in tandem with clinic sessions, potentially reducing the number of clinic sessions required. Please ask for more details.

Private Healthcare Clients:
Please check with your provider or your therapist to find out what is covered by your plan.  We regret that Speech and Language Therapists are unable to accept BUPA clients.

Paying by Direct Debit:

You can set up a direct debit payment using a Go Cardless account by clicking here. To find out more about Go Cardless and create an account, visit the Go Cardless website.


Fees for Clinical Psychology


Initial consultation: £100

Diagnostic, cognitive and emotional assessments: £100 per hour
Cognitive assessment using the WISCV: £250 for 2 hour session
Written report: £120, extended report writing £100 per hour

50-60 minute session in clinic: £100
60 minute session in home/school: £100 plus travel expenses

Saturday appointments: £110 per hour


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Diagnostic assessments for ADHD: from £850

This incorporates a 1-hour school observation, a cognitive assessment, 2 x 1 hour parent consultations, use of Full Conner’s rating scales (teacher and carer versions) and an extended report as standard.

Diagnostic assessment for Autism: from £950

This incorporates a 1-hour school observation, administration of the ADOS, 2 parent consultations, developmental history and an extended report as standard.

There may be an additional charge depending on the complexity of the case, the number of appointments required and/or the involvement of additional multidisciplinary team members.

It is the statutory responsibility of all our therapists to inform social services of any safeguarding concerns with our clients. Please note that any subsequent liaison with external agencies regarding safeguarding will be billed at the usual hourly therapy rate. 


Fees for Educational Psychology


Psycho-educational assessments (6-16 years) at the Tooting or Putney clinics: £650

(this includes three hours of detailed assessment with the child followed by verbal feedback with the parent, and a detailed report). School visits charged separately, as below.

Meeting in school to support school staff in planning and implementing the recommendations in the report and monitoring progress, following assessment of children aged 6-16 years: £100 per hour.

Psycho-educational assessments (6-16 years) at the child's school, incorporating a feedback/planning meeting with the class teacher and SENCO: £750

Training with parents and teachers: £100 per hour.

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Please see Carmel's profile for more information about any of these assessments or contact admin@childrenstherapies.co.uk to speak to Carmel directly.

Fees for Psychotherapy with Zuzana

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50 minute child psychotherapy session in a clinic: £80
60 minute Floortime home session (plus travel expense): £80
90 minute assessment session: £120

Please note travel cost is added to home and school-based sessions. We may be able to offer our support outside London and internationally, please contact us for further information.


Fees for Occupational Therapy


We offer Saturday appointments for Occupational Therapy, these are cost as follows plus 10%:

Screening Assessment: £180
Full assessment including written report: £450
45mins session at clinic: £70
45mins session at school: £70 + Travel
60mins session at clinic: £85
60mins session at school: £85 + Travel
60mins therapy at home: £85 + Travel
Home programme (per hour): £85


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Fees for Play Therapy


Initial Parent/Carer Assessment: (roughly 90 mins, 1 or 2 sessions required): £100
Initial Child Assessment: (45mins): £80

Therapy sessions: (45mins): £80 per session 

Parent/Carer Review: (Every 6 weeks, roughly 90 mins): £100

Final Parent/Carer meeting: (roughly 90 mins): £100


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Payment methods and policies


Cancellation Policy

To support our busy therapists we have a 24 hour cancellation policy – appointments not cancelled / cancelled on the day of your session are charged in full. Appointments on a Monday must be cancelled by 9.30am on the Friday before the appointment.

Paying by Direct Debit

You can set up a direct debit payment using a Go Cardless account by clicking here. To find out more about the Go Cardless service, visit the Go Cardless FAQ page.

Paying by credit card

Visa and Mastercard Credit card payments are accepted.

Travel Fees

Please note that home and school visits outside of SW15 may incur an additional travel fee to reflect the therapist’s expenses and time away from the clinic. This will be set by the therapist on a case by case basis before the start of therapy.