Floor Time Therapy


What is DIR-Floortime Therapy?


DIR-Floortime is a therapeutic model of supporting children with neuro-developmental differences such as autism, Down syndrome, sensory-integration issues, or early attachment difficulties. The model’s aim is to carefully attend to each child’s unique palette of needs, capacities, difficulties and talents.

The three letters stand for the three main areas we address:

  • D – developmental capacities
  • I – individual differences
  • R – relationships

At the core of the model is Floortime – time specifically devoted to therapeutic play that is tailored to the child’s emotional and neuro-developmental needs.

What does Floortime play look like?

Floortime is different to each child and each carer. It reflects their unique ways of being in the world, what feels pleasurable to them, what helps them be in touch with themselves and each other.


Floortime is a therapeutic form of play that feels really good and challenges at the same time. The shared pleasure and relationship that deepens through the experiences of togetherness serve as the fuel for learning.

Child playing on floor with xylaphone

Why use Floortime Therapy?

Without getting support to learn the basic capacities to relate, play and learn, the gap between the children and parents can grow. Often this comes with a widening range and intensity of difficult behaviours. The lack of meaningful connections may lead to emotional and mental health problems, both in the children and in their overstretched parents. Floortime therapy aims to resolve many of these barriers, and prevent these problems from occurring.


To find out more about our DIR-Floortime Therapy approach and how it can help your child,

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