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Should my child see a therapist?

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Many parents are concerned about their child but aren’t sure where to turn.  If you’re considering therapy for your child, you’re taking a very positive step on their behalf. Therapy can instill a strong sense of self-esteem, problem-solving skills, and the value of seeking help.

If you’re concerned about developmental or language delays, it’s important to know that the earlier you seek help, the more successful therapy is likely to be. Children’s Therapies’ holistic multi-disciplinary approach means we can offer the best combination of therapy to children and parents. Our team of therapists will work with you to decide which services can maximise your child’s potential.

We always consider the needs of the whole family when assessing a child, including siblings. For some examples of the kinds of needs we can help with, please see the Who We Can Help page

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We take referrals from GPs and school SENCos but you don’t need a referral – you can contact us directly if you have any concerns about your child. Many of speech and language therapy clients come to us because they are waiting a long time to be seen by the NHS. In this case we are happy to begin treatment and hand over to the NHS once you get an appointment if desired.

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Our main clinic is in Putney, close to the rail station, main bus routes and public car park.  We have a lovely clinic room within The Pilates Room on the Upper Richmond Road with a dedicated reception and waiting area, fully equipped with stimulating toys and equipment to help children get the most out of therapy sessions, and to make them fun. 

Staff and Client Safety Policy

We want our Children’s Therapies clinics to be safe, calm and healthy environments for our clients and staff at all times. Our committed and dedicated therapy team are our most valuable asset. Verbal, email and physical abuse or harassment of them will not be tolerated. We encourage staff and our clients to report all incidents of harassment and violence to Marianne Brown and the administration team. Should a staff member be subject to any behaviour that we consider to be abusive,, therapy support will be terminated with immediate effect.

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