Information for school staff


School Services

Children’s Therapies works with state and independent schools in South West London, providing individual, group and classroom-based therapy, plus a full range of training, supervision and support services for teachers, learning support assistants and SENCos.


Therapy Services in schools

We provide speech and language therapy, child psychology, play therapy and occupational therapy services to children in a school setting, to support children with:

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  • Communication difficulties, including general delays or diagnosed disorders

  • Attention and listening problems

  • Emotional and behavioral problems that are affecting learning and friendships

  • Fine and gross motor difficulties, including handwriting and coordination


Training courses for schools

Children’s Therapies provides a range of specialist training services to help schools, nurseries, support groups and other educational settings such as play centres to support both staff and children. Our team of speech and language therapists, child psychologists, play therapist, art therapist and occupational therapist can deliver tailor-made training on Inset days or after school on a range of subjects, from communication to challenging behaviour. After the training, staff will feel more confident in applying the skills and methods they have learned to identify, assess and support individual cases, and in knowing when specialist help should be sought.


"I enjoyed every minute of the course. The training over all was excellent. The instructor is approachable and very welcoming. Definitely the course will help us to understand bilingual children’s needs and be able to support parents and carers better too."

– Nursery teacher from Tulip London, Japanese bilingual nursery school in Ealing


If you are interested in booking a course for your school or Early Years setting or want to find out more, please call Children’s Therapies on 0208 6737930.


"The talk ‘Identifying, Helping and Referring Children with Communication Difficulties’ was excellent. You both came across as friendly and professional and very knowledgeable about your subject. The teachers loved it and were all very positive. Several staff have commented on how useful the talk was and how they are going to email you for advice. Thank you so much."

– Mercedes Remuinan, SENCo at Orchard House School