Lego Therapy Group

Are you concerned about your child’s language development or social communication skills?

Read below...

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Who are the groups for?

Children of all ages.

This is a wonderful opportunity to develop your child’s ability to initiate and sustain social interaction with peers through motivating activities (LEGO).

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When will the group run?

29th October - 2nd November 2018 (5 days total)
Times to be confirmed.

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Where will they take place?

This group will take place in our beautiful, spacious clinic located in Tooting:

Trident Business Centre
Room C114
89 Bickersteth Road
SW17 9SH

This group will run for 1 hour daily; this will include opportunity to feedback to parents.

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What will the group entail?

A group of 3 children work together to build a LEGO project.


Each child takes on a different role:

  • Engineer - oversees the design and makes sure it is followed
  • Supplier - finds the bricks requested by the engineer and gives them to the builder
  • Builder - positions the bricks as instructed by the engineer


LEGO therapy groups also have an adult facilitator (the Speech and Language Therapist) whose role is to keep the children focused and on-task, help resolve conflicts, encourage positive interactions and prompt the children when needed.

Groups will be kept to a maximum of 3 children per group and will be led by one of our experienced Speech and Language Therapists.

How much will this group cost?

£40 per session/£200 for the week

For more information or to book your child’s place on our October half-term groups,

please contact our Speech and Language Therapist directly:

Lizzie Reid;