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Occupational Therapy in schools


Children’s Therapies can provide the following Occupational Therapy services to schools:


One-to-One Occupational Therapy

Typically an Occupational Therapist will visit a school one day a week and deliver several individual therapy sessions to children on that day, in a designated room away from the classroom.  Receiving occupational therapy in school means a child needs less time away from lessons than they would for a clinic session. Parents will be asked to complete a referral questionnaire and consent form prior to their child seeing a therapist.


Occupational Therapy in the Classroom

Many children enjoy their therapy time and see it as a privilege to spend time away from the classroom!  However, other children will benefit from an approach to therapy that involves the whole classroom and all their teaching staff.  Our Occupational Therapists can produce a tailored therapy plan and train a teaching assistant to deliver occupational therapy within the classroom setting.


Training and Supervision for Teachers

We can provide high quality specialist training for teaching staff on how to support children who have varying degrees of difficulty with sensory processing, physical development (fine and gross motor skills), and learning and concentration, or any other difficulty that affects their ability to independently achieve the typical things that children do on a day to day basis in the classroom.


If you are a teacher and would like to discuss ways in which we can support your school,

please call Children’s Therapies on 0208 6737930