Psychology and Psychotherapy in Schools


When is psychology or psychotherapy required?

Many schools have excellent pastoral care in place including school counsellors. However there may be cases of emotional or behavioural difficulties where the services of a psychologist or psychotherapist are required.

In this case, a psychologist can come into school to meet with a child’s teacher/ SENCo/ counsellor,  carry out an assessment, and advise whether a course of therapy is needed.

One of the key elements of therapy is having a consistent time and room for the sessions, and for this reason therapy sessions may take place at one of our clinics and not at school.


Children’s Therapies will not be able to disclose anything that a child has said in a session with a psychologist or a play therapist, but the therapist will be able to give the relevant school staff an update on progress made during sessions. Parental consent is required before a child can be referred by a school and before a child can be assessed by a therapist.

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If you would like to discuss psychology or psychotherapy input for your school, please call Children’s Therapies on 0208 6737930